Reduta and the attached premises served originally as a ball-hall, with a balcony of equal width all around the hall. For the needs of the philharmonic, an elevated platform was constructed and the inconvenient balcony was narrowed. A big gilded lustre used to hang in the middle of the hall.


The original interior was not preserved and the authors of the reconstruction could decide for the contemporary trends in the architectural renewal. All the conception is based on a dialogue between the original Empire architecture and the modern conception of interior.


During the reconstruction in 2001 the emphasis was put on the enhancement of the acoustic features of the hall and the interior was adapted for this purpose. The number of seats was increased.


In present, the seating capacity of Reduta is 500 seats.


Mozart´s hall

There is a new platform for chamber concerts in the hall. A pleasant bar is available for the audience from Reduta and Mozart’s hall.


The hall is equipped with video-projection permitting to watch the happening in Reduta hall.


The seating capacity of the hall after re-construction is 100 seats.