International Organ Festival

The festival was founded in 1969. Its foundation and the successful course of following years are connected with the name of the professor Antonín Schindler, who was president and dramatic adviser of the International Organ Festival Olomouc until 2010. A number of renowned artists from all over the world participated in the festival. 

A brief history and disposition of the Engler organ you can find here.


The organ was built by Michael Engler in 1740 – 1745. By the decision of the government, the original instrument was renovated and extended in 1959 – 1971. The original console may be used separately, but the whole re-constructed and extended instrument is also connected to a new five-manual console, including the original and the newly added stops. The reconstruction was done by VARHANY RIEGER-KLOSS KRNOV company.


MgA. Karel Martínek,

artistic director


tel.: 776 15 15 64