Recording studio

Situated in the historic center of Olomouc is the main concert hall of The Moravian Philharmonic Olomouc. Named Reduta, it also serves as the recording studio of the Czech Broadcasting Olomouc.

In 2002, the interior design of Reduta was extensively renovated and its acoustics were upgraded to the modern standard of excellence. Boasting of a warm natural sound and balanced reverberation, the concert hall features a brand new Hamburg Steinway D Concert Grand Piano.

Since 1993 at Reduta, the Moravian Philharmonic Olomouc has been recording compositions by contemporary composers from all over the world.

The recording of music scores for silent film classics, for American television and production, has been a long-term project for nearly twenty years. In 2004, the music for the video game SimCity 4, by EA Games (Electronic Arts), was produced and recorded in Reduta. The Czech Broadcasting Olomouc and the Moravian Philharmonic regularly record symphonic, chamber, and vocal music.

Our resources include:

- Air-conditioned recording hall 
- Air-conditioned recording production room 
- Yamaha DM 2000 Digital Production Console
- Pro Tools Software 
- Microphones by Neumann, AKG, Senheiser, and Shure

English speaking staff

Remote recording and production through Skype and live streaming are available. Composer, Producer, and Sound Engineer can communicate live from different parts of the world during recording sessions and for post production.

FTP (File Transport Protocol) is available for delivery of audio files through a secure website provided by the Moravian Philharmonic.


Official contact person: