Melodies and stories in songs – concert for the 3rd grade of elementary schools.

28. 3. 2023

Reduta Hall, 8.30 and 10.15

Songs are little stories told by music. Our clown is surprised at first, he listens incredulously at first, but gradually he starts humming to himself. He adds a melody to his, at first unskilled, humming and is well on his way to becoming a singer, at least for a while. He not only finds pleasure in folk, artificial, musical and other songs, but together with his teacher and the personified melody he creates small independent clips of the songs. At the end, they all play a little story together consisting of several songs and songs of various genres. The children in the audience will of course sing along too.


Folk and musical songs  

Opera and operetta arias  


  • Bedřiška Ponížilová – teacher
  • Marek Řihák – clown
  • František Sliž – singer-songwriter
  • Komorní soubor Moravské filharmonie Olomouc
  • Václav Málek – dramaturgy, script

Délka koncertu do 60 min.
Cena: 100,-

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