An Evening of evergreens not only of our youth

28. 3. 2023

Mozart Hall, 17.30

The popular songs and famous evergreens have become especially famous for their beautiful, fresh and timeless melodies, which continue to appeal to us even after many years. Some of them, without us always realising it, were already listened to by our grandfathers and grandmothers, and have thus become a legacy that has been passed on from generation to generation. The meticulously prepared accompaniment of fine and sonorous percussion instruments will illustrate the intimate and relaxed atmosphere of the evening and will delight not only expectant mothers.


Hallelujah, Love of My Life, Love Me Tender, Oh! Darling, Falling Slowly, Let It Be, The Ring, Skyfall, Easy and more.


  • Vendula Pančochová – Vocal
  • Zuzana Mečárová – Small percussion instruments, Marimba, MFO
  • Emil Machain – Vibraphone, MFO
  • Markéta Vejvodová – Program Guide, Dramaturge

The Music Therapy Association of the Czech Republic, z.s. took over the patronage of the cycle of musical evenings for expectant parents Muzikoterapeutická asociace České republiky, z. s..

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