Around the World Journey

23. 1. 2024

Mozart Hall, 17.30

Folk music all over the world is united by warmth, passion, love, sometimes even sadness but it is always pure because it was created spontaneously in different life situations and contains the core of our human emotions. Listening to it opens up our innermost feelings and releases tension. Around the World Journey will feature not only the most beautiful songs from Moravia, but also Klezmer, Sephardic songs, Irish, Roma, Afro-Cuban, Argentinian and more.


  • Bardolino
  • Pavel Fischer – violin
  • Margit Koláčková – cello
  • Jana Procházková – vocal
  • Jakub Jedlinský – accordion, bandoneon
  • Markéta Vejvodová – accompanist, dramaturg

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