Clown's Music Education – concert for 1st grade of elementary schools.

14. 2. 2023

Reduta Hall, 8.30 and 10.15

A clown drops in on a brass quintet concert. The teacher wants to introduce him to the beauty of music, using the example of the concert in progress. But the clown would rather play with animals. A small misunderstanding ensues, but the two efforts manage to connect. The teacher discovers how many animal voices the musical instruments can imitate, and in turn begins to educate the clown musically herself. Together with the children, they get to know the marks of musical notation and the musical instruments, which they also learn to recognize by sound and tone. In addition, the musical instruments show us how they can laugh or cry, how they can express joy or sadness. And, of course, everyone will sing well-known and cheerful songs together with the accompaniment of a brass quintet.


  • Bedřiška Ponížilová – teacher
  • Marek Řihák – clown
  • Dechové kvinteto Moravské filharmonie Olomouc
  • Václav Málek – dramaturgy, script

Children can brig their pets – small plush or plastic toys – to the auditorium

Concert length up to 60 min.
Price: 100,-

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