Cignski Diabli - Gypsy Devils

Fiery Classic

11. 11. 2022

Reduta Hall, 19.00

It is said that the most beautiful flowers grow at the edge of the forest, where two different environments meet, but they influence each other. Come and hear what music will grow from the meeting of the MFO orchestra with Gypsy temperament. We will hear the most famous melodies from Bizet's Carmen and original fusions of many musical genres, from ethno and Slovak folklore to jazz and film music and classical music!


  • Cigánski diabli
  • Ernest Šarközi – Dulcimer, Artistic Director, Song Arrangements
  • Silvia Šarközi – Violoncello, Vocals
  • Štefan Banyák – Violin
  • Jozef Farkaš – Viola
  • Robert Fehér – Contrabass
  • Zoltán Grunza – Clarinet
  • Adrian Kokoš – Conductor

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