Forest Full of Fairy Tales

6. 11. 2022

Reduta Hall, 10.30

Behind the nine mountains and nine rivers there is a beautiful forest and in it live fairy creatures in peace and joy. The Hunter is the lord of the forest and knows well what is happening in his forest. Come with us on a forest walk. Perhaps you will experience a dwarf wedding. We will have a good practice with the heckler to find the echo. The fairies and woodland priestesses will teach us the moonlight dance. A forest of suprises, songs and tales awaits us.


  • Children of Orchestra members and pupils of ZUŠ Žerotín – soloists
  • Jiří Sova – Vocals, Guitar
  • Mario Buzzi – Arrangements
  • Jan Šprynar – Speaker
  • Petr Šumník – Conductor

Sunday concerts are simply designed for parents and children to spend time together. We will visit together the forest full of fairy tale characters and mysterious stories, we will try to unravel the mystery of summer frosts and Christmas banana harvest. We’ll play and find the child in us, perhaps a little unjustly forgotten.

For children from 3 years of age.

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