Gems of Czech vocal music. Žerotín Academic Choir

13. 5. 2023

Reduta Hall, 17.00

The common denominator of the programme entitled Gems of Czech Vocal Music is folk poetry and also sacred liturgical themes related to songs in praise of the Virgin Mary. MFOpen will offer purely Czech choral works by the most important Czech composers – Bohuslav Martinů, Leoš Janáček and Antonín Dvořák performed by the Žerotín Academic Choir with choirmaster Pavel Koňárek. The roles of soloists will be performed by baritone Svatopluk Sem and soprano Anna Pavlasová. The concert of the Žerotín Choir will be crowned with Martinů's cantata Opening the Wells.


Bohuslav Martinů

Three Sacred Songs (Three Legends) H. 339  

Leoš Janáček

Hail Mary  

Bohuslav Martinů

Four Songs about Mary H. 235 (selection)  

Antonín Dvořák / Leoš Janáček

Six Moravian Double Songs (selection)  

Bohuslav Martinů

Opening the Wells, H. 354  


  • Anna Pavlasová – soprano
  • Svatopluk Sem – baritone
  • Kryštof Bartoš – narrator
  • Žerotín Academic Choir
  • Pavel Koňárek – choirmaster

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