Little Evening Star on the Road

12. 11. 2023

Reduta Hall, 10.30

Brush your teeth, change into your pyjamas, pick up your cuddly toy and there comes Little Evening Star on his unicycle, throwing around the sheet music of your favourite bedtime stories! Who doesn't know Macho and Maxips Fig, Amálka the Bee, Reed and his hat of Pokuston the magician̷0; Wait, if our Evening Star didn't mix it up a bit! Come and join us to sing the most famous fairy tale tunes and, most importantly, help Evening Star untangle the tangled ball of fairy tales.


  • students of ZUŠ Žerotín – soloists (under the direction of Markéta Israel Večeřová)
  • Jiří Sova – vocal, guitar
  • Jan Šprynar – moderator
  • Petr Šumník – conductor

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