Patrik Sedlar

Musica a Tre or String Fantasy

12. 3. 2024

Mozart Hall, 17.30

L. v. Beethoven, W. A. Mozart, M. Ravel, W. Lutoslawski

With a little exaggeration, it can be said that the compactness of the harmony of string instruments in most chamber music is spoiled by the piano̷0; Violin, viola and cello are from the same family of string instruments. The program will play their conversations in various combinations and at the end the listener will be tuned to their balanced harmony. The triad is a symbolic number from many perspectives and its hidden meaning is, among other things, communication, self-expression and creativity. Thus, everything that expectant parents need in life.


  • Patrik Sedlář – violin
  • Eliška Vláčilová – cello
  • Vladimír Bukač – viola
  • Markéta Vejvodová – průvodní slovo, dramaturgyně

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