Vejvodová Markéta

Plaisir de Noël or a Christmas Stop in Time

12. 12. 2023

Mozart Hall, 17.30

M. A. Charpentier, J. Ch. Naudot, E. Gaultier, P. D. Philidor

A programme that will enchant you with its delicate character and the delicious harmony of two contrasting instruments. The lute is one of the oldest instruments in human history and its short notes are enhanced by the rounded sound of the wooden baroque transverse flute. We'll step back in time to the French Baroque era and peer into royal palaces and the countryside, where there will be no shortage of musical delights and pre-Christmas contemplation.


  • Jan Čižmář – lute
  • Marta Kratochvílová – baroque flute
  • Markéta Vejvodová – accompanist, dramaturge

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