The Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra Olomouc was founded immediately after the end of the Second World War, on 26 May 1945. During its development important personalities of the Czech and international music scene participated in its artistic formation.  Let us mention, the conductors Otto Klemperer and Václav Neumann, the violinists Josef Suk and Gidon Kremer, and the cellist Pierre Fournier. Over the course of its existence, the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra Olomouc has developed an extremely extensive and varied repertoire.



Dalibor Doubek

* 1898, † 1955

Graduate of the Prague Conservatory and conductor of the amateur Žerotín Philharmonic Orchestra (1944). His first concert took place on 26 May 1945 at the Municipal Theatre. The ensemble consisted of 23 musicians, but this was not enough for the performance of Smetana’s Má vlast, so the ensemble was supplemented by members of the Olomouc theatre orchestra. In its early days, the ensemble also performed on tours in the region area. In the initial season the orchestra was supplemented by players from the theatre orchestra from České Budějovice. Since then, concerts have been held in the Reduta.


kvarteto_MFO_1945 The first string quartet of MF members in 1945 (M. Melkus, S. Bína, G. Kantor, A. Erat).

26 May 1945

Formation of the City Symphony Orchestra; most of the musicians came from the cancelled German-Czech Theatre Orchestra (Städtisches Symphonieorchester Olmütz). The ensemble, mainly composed of Czech nationality players, was supplemented by members of the amateur Žerotín Philharmonic Orchestra.

September 1945

The orchestra begins to use the official name Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra.



František Stupka

* 1879, † 1965

The activities of František Stupka, a long-time conductor of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, is one of the important ones in the history of the MFO. He recruited better players, built a music archive and sought to increase the number of listeners.Financial stability was brought in 1952 by the upgrade of the Philharmonic to a state symphony orchestra.His dramaturgy was based on the works of Czech composers, supplemented by works of Baroque and Classical masters, and he also respected the political requirement to perform works by Russian authors. Under his leadership, the MFO performed twice at the Prague Spring Festival. He undoubtedly succeeded in building a high-quality and self-confident ensemble.


Debut of the Moravian Philharmonic at the Prague Spring Festival.


Promotion to the State Symphony Orchestra.

Zerotin 1952 The Žerotín Choir in 1952, choirmaster Evžen Kutal and pianist and director of the music school Cyril Černý in the middle.



Milivoj Uzelac

* 1919, † 1988

Before joining the MFO, Milivoj Uzelac was conductor of the FSO. During his engagement in Olomouc he focused on the works of contemporary composers and lesser-known works. In 1957 the Prague Dvořák String Quartet and the Žerotín Choir joined the Philharmonic In the same year, the Olomouc Music Spring Festival was founded (following the example of the Prague Spring). In order to increase the number of visitors, in 1959 the Philharmonic established cooperation with Moravian Steel Company, for which it prepared several commented concerts.


Olomouc Music Spring International Festival was founded.


First foreign tour to Poland.



Jaromír Nohejl

* 1925, † 2004

From 1956 he worked in the MFO as a second conductor and then led the orchestra for 27 years. During his activities, three subscription series were presented. There were also concerts for school children and, since the 1980s, for kindergartens. Nohejl became famous for his performances of symphonies in Olomouc churches during the Olomouc Music Spring Festival. In 1965 the name of the Moravian Philharmonic appeared in the foreign press in connection with the second conductor Zdeněk Mácal.


Chamber orchestra was founded from the MFO members.

1963/64 season

Reconstruction of the Fučík Hall (today’s Reduta) and its connection with the former Merkur Hotel (1967), provided the Philharmonic with organisational and technical facilities.


Stupka před orchestrem (1965) F. Stupka with the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra at the opening concert of the 20th anniversary season on 14 September 1965. He died on 24 November 1965.


International Organ Festival was founded.


Repeated appearances at the Prague New Works Showcase, the International Music Festival in Brno, the Bratislava Music Festival, the Warsaw Autumn Festival, the Berliner Festtage and international festivals in Athens and Italy.


Olomoucké hudební jaro 1979 Olomouc Music Spring concert 1979 in the Church of Panny Marie Sněžné.


Athens, September 1981 – The Odeon of Herod Atticus on the slope of the Acropolis. MF performed ballet performances (3× Swan Lake and 2× Sleeping Beauty) with the Vienna Ballet and the world ballet star Rudolf Nureyev.


MF 1983 MF orchestra Promotional photo 1983 with conductors J. Nohejl and L. Mathauser.


The MFO received a medal for the Year of Czech Music for its long-standing promotion and popularization of contemporary Czech music.



Stanislav Macura

* 1946, † 2022

His dramaturgy was oriented towards late Romantics compositions and the first half of the 20th century. Innovative were the „opera evenings“, in which the MFO presented concert performances of music-dramatic works by Mozart and Puccini. In the 1987/88 season he made two successful West Germany orchestra tours. As a result of the post-revolutionary changes after November 1989, the Moravian Philharmonic changed its status of a state symphony orchestra and became a cultural institution of the city of Olomouc.

1987/88 season

The orchestra toured West Germany, and after the November revolution the number of foreign tours increased.

November 1989

As a result of political changes, the Philharmonic lost its status of a state symphony orchestra and became a cultural institution of the city of Olomouc.



Jiří Mikula

* 1961

Financial resources at the time led to a reduction in the number of players from ninety to eighty. Jiří Mikula concentrated on the Classical and Romantic repertoire. Since the 1990s, the orchestra has given many more concerts abroad, e.g. in 1992 accompanied tenor José Carreras in Munich.


The MFO began to organize conducting courses and to cooperate with JAMU graduates.



Jin Wang

* 1961

He was the first foreign MFO chief conductor. In 1990 he was the winner of the Prague Spring International Conducting Competition. Dramaturgically, he built on a well-established repertoire, but he also tried to present lesser-known works for the local audience. In 1999 the Philharmonic again performed at the Prague Spring Festival. In his last season, the acoustic qualities of the concert hall was improved.


Reconstruction of the Reduta Hall, Mozart Hall and facilities for the audience.

Rekonstrukce reduta 2001



František Preisler

* 1973, † 2007

After a short period without a chief conductor, František Preisler, formerly conductor of the National Theatre Opera and chief conductor of the Music Theatre in Karlín, took over the leadership of the MFO.In addition to classical works, he also performed musical, film and jazz music in Olomouc. From the 2003/04 season a new concert series was introduced – Sunday Matinees for parents with children. In the 2005/06 season, the MFO toured Czech cities with Eva Urbanova and a year later with Karel Gott.



Petr Vronský

* 1946

Prior to his appointment, he served as chief conductor of the FB and JFO. Dramaturgically, he preferred the compositions of Romanticism and the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, but also the compositions of the second half of the 20th century. He introduced the novelty of public rehearsals to Olomouc, which met with great interest. He also organized a series of educational concerts for school children and youth. In addition to series A, B, C and D, the 2012/13 season also saw the addition of the so-called premium serie P, focusing on lighter music genres. Under his leadership, many well-known Czech and foreign artists performed with the Philharmonic.

Sezona 2005/06

First international tour outside the European continent in Hong Kong.


Koncertni_mistri-Dvorakova_Olomouc_2007 Concert masters at the Dvořák Olomouc Festival 2007.


2015_Nataceni_videoklipu_k_70.vyrociMFO Recording of a video clip for the MFO 70th anniversary.



Jakub Klecker

* 1982

Jakub Klecker, a native of Brno, studied under J. Bělohlávek and T. Koutník. He began his collaboration with the Moravian Philharmonic as chief conductor on 1 September 2019 with a concert at the Musikverein in Vienna, one of the world’s most prestigious concert halls. He opened the season in Olomouc with a concert with the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra and concertmaster of the Czech Philharmonic cellist V. Peter. The season included a concert with progressive dramaturgy and the unconventional ensemble Bohemia Saxophone Quartet; the performance of Mahler’s Symphony No.4 was also well received.


Jakub_Klecker Jakub Klecker, Chief Conductor of the MFO in 2019-2022

2022 to present

Zsolt Hamar

Zsolt Hamar

* 1968


Zsolt Hamar New chief conductor Zsolt Hamar.

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