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Tickets and Prices


One-off tickets for Individual Concerts

Tickets for individual concerts can be purchased…:

– …online via the Orchestra website (, on the page dedicated to the particular concert (TICKETPORTAL);

– …at the Information Centre located in the Olomouc Town Hall (Horní nám. 583, 779 00 Olomouc), 1 week before the day of the concert;

– …at the “evening” ticket office which opens at the concert venue 1 hour prior to the start of the concert.


Tickets for Concert Series (Season Tickets)

Season tickets for specific concert series can be obtained by placing an order which is done by sending us a duly filled-in form which is part of this catalogue. You can also download the form from our website ( The form can be delivered to us in the following ways:

– by post to the address of our main office (Horní náměstí 23, 772 00 Olomouc);

– in person to our Concert Department office (workdays between 8am and 4pm).

Your order can also be placed by filling in and submitting an online form (


We accept orders from 9th July 2018 onward. After processing your order, we will send you your season ticket by post (registered delivery) along with a payment notice (payments to be made by money order or, alternatively, via an invoice). We will start sending the tickets on 28th August 2018. The payment must be made on 15th September 2018 at the latest. Unless the payment is made prior to or on this day, your season ticket will be cancelled.

Please note that seats in the concert hall will be assigned on the basis of the sequence in which the orders are delivered to our office.




Price Categories


1st category:

- Central balcony: Rows 1 and 2,

- Ground floor: Rows 5 - 15.


2nd Category:

- Central balcony: Rows 3 and 4,

- Side balcony: Row 1,

- Ground floor: Rows 1 - 4.


3rd category:

- Side balcony: Row 2.


Ticket Prices for Individual Concerts


                      series A      series R      series P      series K      series NM                         series VG

1st category     270,-          270,-           270,-          150,-          35,- child / 70,- adult          90,-

2nd category    230,-          230,-           230,-          120,-          35,- child / 70,- adult          90,-

3rd category     110,-          110,-           110,-            90,-          35,- child / 70,- adult          70,-

standing              90,-            90,-             90,-              X              X                                            X

The above prices do not apply to extra, one-off concerts and to concerts which are part of a festival. Ticket prices for these concerts are listed in the dedicated brochures relating to the specific concert or festival.



Season Ticket Prices for a Specific Concert Series


                        series A                  series R                      series P                       series K 

1st category    1790,-                      890,-                            890,-                           490,-

2nd category   1390,-                      690,-                            690,-                           390,-

3rd category      690,-                      350,-                            350,-                           270,-

Advantages of a Season Ticket:

- A discount on the concerts that are part of the International Organ Festival 2018;

- A discount on selected concerts that are part of the international festival of Dvořák’s Olomouc 2019;

- A discount on the concerts of The Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra in the 2018/2019 season;

- A discount on the concerts of the Chamber Music Association (SPKH) in the 2018/2019 season.

The above discounts can be availed upon presenting a season ticket for the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra 2018/2019 season.



- 50% for individual concerts and a season ticket for ZTP and ZTP/P card holders;

- For more discounts for season ticket holders, see the part “Advantages of a Season Ticket” listed above.


Information Regarding the Sale and Price of Tickets

Concert Department,

Telephone: 585 206 514